Nudibranchs of the Cape Peninsula and False Bay

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Nudibranchs of the Cape Peninsula and False Bay
Guido Zsilavecz

Small, colourful and varied, nudibranchs are many a diver's favourite subject matter.
While fish swim away leaving only a fleeting image, nudibranchs allow themselves to be admired at close range, without any rush.
This guide describes 80 species found around the Cape Peninsula and in False Bay, of which some are common, and some exceedingly rare.
Each species receives its own page, providing information on characteristic features, distribution, habitat, and more, as well as up to four photographs.
These show different individuals, highlighting their variability, and include, where possible, the egg case.

Guido Zsilavecz started diving in 1989, and took up underwater photography on his 27th dive.
Early on he developed a strong, lasting interest in the underwater environment, and with it a desire to identify everything seen.

Guido is the author of Coastal Fishes of the Cape Peninsula and False Bay, and has also written numerous articles for diving magazines, contributed photographs to other identification guides, and has won awards and prizes for his photography.
While he travels regularly to exotic diving locations around the world, he prefers Cape Peninsula waters most.

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