The Shoe String (Single)

Diving only (Meet in Simon's Town)
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 Simons Town Boat & Shore Dive Packages

Shoestring (Single)

Offering a wide range of dives, from shallow dives in the beautiful kelp forests to deeper wrecks and reefs. Cape Fur Seals and Sevengill sharks are some of our popular inshore dive sites.

Diving Only (Meet in Simon’s Town)

Single Tank Dive: R500

Double Tank Dive: R1000

Cylinder Rental - R100
Gear Rental - R500

Guided Dives
Boat charter

Standard Cancellation Policy
Due to limited seating, we request that you cancel at least 24 hours before a scheduled date. This gives us the opportunity to fill the boat. You may cancel by phone or email. If you have to cancel your dive, we offer you a credit to your account if you cancel before the 24 hours, but do not offer refunds. You may use these credits towards any future dives. However, if you do not cancel prior to the 24 hours, you will lose the payment for the dive. The owner has the only right to be flexible here.

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