Gordon's Bay Penguin Package (Double Boat)

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Gordon's Bay Penguin Package (Double Boat dive)

Offering a range of boat dives exploring the beautiful kelp forests, rocks overgrown with beautiful reef and visits from the Cape Fur Seals as well as Short-tail stingrays can be expected. The reef is vibrant and full of life. False Bay boasts numerous nudibranchs, crustaceans and lobsters, anemones, feather-stars, brittle-stars, sponges, sea-fans, ocopuses and cuttlefish, as well as colorful fish such as the Klipvis, of which there are 34 known species in False Bay alone.
Enjoy the beautiful views of Clarens Drive to Betty’s Bay where we will take a walk along the Penguin Conservation Site.

Single Tank Dive: R1550
Double Tank Dive: R2500

Two guided boat dives
Scuba Equipment
Lunch & Refreshments
Transport from the Dive centre in Gordon’s Bay  
Penguine viewing

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